Layer creativity into your life

Layer Creativity into Your Life

by Carol Ingley


Creativity is a word much misunderstood. The good news is that we are all creative individuals. Everything one does -- from scheduling your day to choosing what to eat -- is a creative endeavor. No one is putting together quite the same day nor quite the same combination of foods.


And that's what creativity is -- mixing and matching elements to create something desired. You want to top your piece of cake for dessert with a little hot fudge? That's your own creative touch.  Add three cherries and it's a little more creative. The thing is: you do have to know the pieces in order to rearrange them. That's where creativity gets a bad rap -- it's associated with something very few have -- when, in fact, we all have creativity but not all of us have the discipline to learn all of the parts of writing fiction, putting together paintings and the list goes on. Learn the pieces of the puzzle and then you are rearrange them.


With the digital mindset, it is all about mixing and matching. As an example, putting together graphics for social media is all about mixing and matching different fonts, elements, icons, pictures, photos -- to make something unique and yes, creative. Find ways to mix and match and you are on your way to a creative lifestyle.



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