The Digital Hero Embraces the New Digital Values.

These include: sharing, engagement, authenticity, transparency, reputation, collaboration, interconnection and community.


It's a Sharing Economy

Got memories to preserve or anything to share? It's all about getting on Facebook, logging onto Instagram and going to the cloud to get last year's posts. But it goes beyond social media. Resource sharing is the name of the game from Airbnb to Uber and Zipcar. Being a digital hero starts with sharing whether its memories, how to, where to or what to. Sharing may sound small, but it's incremental, helps others enormously and often leads to much bigger opportunities and insights.

Engagement Counts

You cannot be a digital hero without engagement. And the digital world is filled with opportunities to engage: blogging, social media, comments to content, videos, audio -- you name it, there's an opportunity there to engage. Yet, one of the biggest opportunities that has arisen is social media. Take it on!


Authenticity Reigns

It's all about trust and pretending you are someone you're not eventually catches up with you on the Internet. Being yourself is authentic and that authenticity leads to success.


Transparency is Key

When you are transparent, you are genuine. And genuine counts in the digital age.

Reputation is Always on the Line

With so much information available online, what does one believe and not believe? It does mean that reputation and integrity matter more than it ever has.


Collaboration Wins

Think Thomas Edison was a loner, an inventor that spent hours all by himself in his lab, testing his new ideas in isolation? Not! He had a laboratory filled with the best minds, constantly innovating with him side by side. Collaboration is even more important in the digital age -- and far easier with use of digital tools.

Interconnection -- it's the New Normal

There was life before mobile phones, mobile devices and the Internet. Yes, but it is hard to remember. This interconnection will only get greater. There are still billions without broadband interconnection to the Internet but that won't last. We are headed toward everyone being connect in one way or another to everyone on the planet.


Community Unites Us

Community for the digital hero means producing content and consuming content in order to connect to a specific community. It means using social media as a tool to form a community. Finally, being a digital hero means cultivating relationships with one’s own community – family, friends, colleagues, organizations, hobbies – via online communication tools such as online chats, texting, video chat and more.