What digital type are you? Or are you a combination? Most are a combination. There is: digital expert, digital curious, digital cautious and digital starter.


Digital Expert

A digital expert has expertise in one or many aspects of the digital world. What's an expert? It's a person who is skillful, adept accomplished  in a particular area. If you have an area of expertise, share some of the components of that expertise.

Digital Curious

The digital curious could have some areas of digital expertise, but wants to know more. They are on the cusp of learning a lot about the digital world. Are you a digital curious? A digital curious will benefit from the digital expert and may well become one in many areas.


Digital Cautious

The digital cautious has learned along the way but doesn't necessarily see that the learning curve will be worth it. The digital cautious can shift by becoming more curious about the digital world.

Digital Starter

The digital started hasn't yet really gotten involved in the digital world. They will, when they see the benefits --- and the fact that they may get left behind.