Being a digital hero means leveraging the digital world. Here are some definitions to start.


Basic Definition of Digital Hero

What's a digital hero? It's a powerful person -- you! -- in charge of vast amounts of information with the technology to manage and share it.

A Digital Hero is an Action Figure

A digital hero in action: A digital hero contributes to individuals, companies, communities, countries and/or the world by sharing and leveraging information and online skills and taking on the new digital values. A digital hero makes a positive difference in both small and large ways.


It's a Three Step Process

Step 1: A Digital Hero Embraces the New Digital Values

Step 2: A Digital Hero Takes on Three Key Actions

Step 3: A Digital Hero Develops Four Essential Skills.


Everyone is a Different Digital Type

It's likely a combination of types but everyone comes to the digital table now at different levels. It could be digital expert, digital curious, digital cautious or digital starter.