Be a Digital Hero

there's a new kind of hero in town


What's a Digital Hero?

It's a powerful person -- you! -- in charge of vast amounts of information and the technology to manage and share it. There's a new kind of hero in town.  How exciting is the world today? According to Kevin Kelly in 2016, speaking about the digital age: "Today truly is a wide-open frontier. We are all becoming. It is the best time ever in human history to begin. You are not too late."


It's time to begin...and if you've already begun, you can begin again!


For more information, see Definitions.

A Digital Hero in Action

A digital hero in action contributes to individuals, companies, communities, countries and/or the world by sharing and leveraging information and online skills and taking on the new digital values. A digital hero's actions make a positive difference in both small and large ways. See Definitions for more.


New Digital Values

A digital hero embraces the new digital values. This is step 1 of a 3 step process. These digital values are sharing, engagement, authenticity, transparency, reputation, collaboration, interconnection and community. For a more in-depth discussion, go here.

Three Key Actions

A digital hero takes on three key actions, step 2 of a 3 step process. These three actions are: learning, creating and sharing, and making a difference. More information on the three key actions can be found at Key Actions.


Four Essential Skills

A digital hero develops and builds using four essential skills, step 3 of the 3 step process outlined on this website.  The four essential skills are: video, graphics, social media and programming. Check out Essential Skills to find out more.














Umbrella Trend (2)

moving from a digital can't to a digital can to a digital hero