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Gratitude_ the shifting values of the digital age

A digital hero is defined by Be a Digital Hero as:  "It's a powerful person - you - in charge of vast amounts of information and the technology to manage and share it." 

Gratitude: the shifting values of the digital age

by Carol Ingley
president, Be a Digital Hero
Week of July 1, 2019 through Week of July 29, 2019


Competition for attention. Today, the competition for attention is intense and it will only continue to intensify. The book The Thank You Economy likely says it all in the title: gratitude counts now in a way that is much more profound than twenty years ago. In a subtle way and over the long term, it is gratitude that plays powerfully in garnering attention.


Show, don’t tell. Have you ever known someone who, in oh so many ways, tells you how great they are? After a while, it really does get old. And, after a while, they really don’t seem that great. But seeing it – someone sing a beautiful song, act on stage, or draw a stunning picture – you don’t need to be told how great it is. You experience it yourself.


Show who you are, then, by your actions. For example,  showing gratitude is easy with social media.  Just read a great book? Tweet the author – many of them are on Twitter – and say what you really loved about the book. In addition, by showing  who you are by sharing – be it social media, singing, writing, acting – you will find that others will show gratitude as well if you have touched them in some way.



Experience Age. Some say we are now in the experience age but it really is more of an overlapping of two ages: the digital age and the experience age. You go on a fabulous trip to a local sports game, to the Grand Canyon, or to Paris or a remote island. Can you really enjoy the experience without being grateful? And the more grateful , the better the experience? Out of the "gratitude attitude" comes a desire to share those experiences.


Energy Needed. Creating the life that you want takes energy. And all those experiencea you want to have? Takes energy. While not a guaranteed energy source, being grateful for the moments in one’s life does tend to give one more energy and more excitement.



Gratitude can play so many roles. Deciding to have it as a centerpiece of one’s life is a powerful move.


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