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Daily habits as change agents

A digital hero is defined by Be a Digital Hero as:  "It's a powerful person - you - in charge of vast amounts of information and the technology to manage and share it." 

Daily Habits as Change Agents

by Carol Ingley
president, Be a Digital Hero
Week of November 11, 2019 through Week of December 9, 2019

Key digital hero terms: daily habits, digital lifestyle


The digital lifestyle drives the actions of a digital hero. But what lies behind the digital lifestyle to keep the engine running? The answer might be surprising.


When I was in my twenties, I thought habits were boring. Go with the flow, be adventurous, do the unexpected. People who had daily habits had dull lives, my twenty-something persona knew must be true. Have I made an about face on those thoughts!


Now my view is: daily routines change your life and in so many good ways.  They actually allow you to be more adventurous and do the unexpected, all of the things that I valued in my twenties. And that’s exactly what’s needed as a digital hero. Digital heroes take chances and risks: in learning new things, in experimenting with creativity and in sharing.


Types of daily habits and routines. Everyone differs but certain things need to be managed in one’s life: sleeping, eating, exercising, cleaning, personal and career development, finances and family and friends are some key areas.  If there is a routine in your life to accomplish the ones relevant to you--a little on a daily basis--it  gets rid of the “niggles” (I really need to pay that bill, the kitchen needs to be cleaned, I didn’t go to bed early enough). In other words, the niggles disappear because you know that they are addressed daily. This allows time to be more creative, it gives time to relax, it gives time for entertainment  -- overall, the quality of life increases as does the quality of work.


Benefits of daily habits. Here are two specific benefits of daily routines.


Allows Focus. It can be tough to focus when the rest of your life is in disarray. In fact, it can be tough to even figure out what to focus on. Good habits allow the time to figure out both what to focus on and to actually focus on the task at hand. Some say the ability to concentrate is the real key to success.


Ability to stay present in the moment. Many self-help books and experts say that staying  present  to the moment is key to both inner joy and the ability to get things done.  It is difficult to stay present to the moment if your mind is entangled constantly in a “to do” list.


Yet, there is one “aid” that must be mentioned and that is systems.


Integrate systems into your habits. Let’s say you have developed a habit of cleaning your home for 30 minutes a day. But how do you use that 30 minutes? That’s when systems come into play. If you have the right system, you can parlay those 30 minutes into always having a clean home.


Take finances. I finally built my own dashboard on an Excel spreadsheet such that I can see my monthly budget and how much I’ve spent every day. True, it takes input daily, but those five to ten minutes mean that my finances run smoothly.


While habits could sound dull and boring, they are actually a springboard to having an exciting life. But they must be cultivated…yup…on a daily basis.


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