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Authenticity_ it starts at home

A digital hero is defined by Be a Digital Hero as:  "It's a powerful person - you - in charge of vast amounts of information and the technology to manage and share it." 

Authenticity: it starts at home

by Carol Ingley
president, Be a Digital Hero
Week of August 19, 2019 through Week of September 16, 2019

Key digital hero terms: authenticity, honesty, integrity, sincerity, transparency and genuine


Being authentic may be at the heart of success in the digital age. Therefore, it is a trait that a budding digital hero will want to cultivate. Other words for authenticity include honesty, integrity, sincerity, transparency and genuine.

Why authenticity is important. It’s easy to buy in the digital age – just go online and a few clicks later it’s a done deal. Anyone, before purchasing, can discover the options online, research these options on the web, and then purchase via an e-commerce site. It’s all so simple.


Well, it’s all so simple if the information that you are getting is correct. This is one of the many reasons authenticity counts now more than ever. And, of course, word gets around very fast on the internet.  In short, if you want to achieve big success – and any success – authenticity has become the ticket.


An authentic life. Beyond looking for authenticity in companies and others, it is important to look closer to home. Personal authenticity stems from living an authentic life. This is easier said than done. It’s one thing to find a job. It’s quite another thing to find a job that you are passionate about and allows you to be true to your values. Just a job can stifle personal authenticity if it is not true to one’s values, while the right job can make being authentic so much easier. If you’re in a kind of job that doesn’t bring out the best in you, making a change can be terrifying. There’s quite a bit of courage involved in being authentic!


Step-by-step. Living an authentic life is really a step-by-step process. Tony Robbins, the well-known speaker and self-help guru, says, “Progress equals happiness If we can make progress on a regular basis we feel alive.”


Overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done? It hardly feels authentic if there are a lot of niggles (niggle: a constant although trifling worry about something that needs to be done) in your thought process.


Categories and habits. How to get rid of those niggles? Being a digital hero is all about seeing life in categories. Some of the main categories in life are job, personal finances, running a home, maintaining a car, exercise, meals and nutrition. The only way to deal with all of the things going on is to have habits and systems attached to each category. My own habit regarding personal finances: I created a personal finance dashboard on Excel. This means I can see each month what is budgeted in all finance categories and how much has been spent to date. Yes, it takes a few minutes a day to maintain. But everything is tracked and few mistakes result.  By the way, the reason I built my own system is that I couldn’t find a simple system anywhere else. Get creative!


Is being authentic tied, then, to having a personal finance system? In a way, it is. It allows the individual to have peace of mind that everything is being tracked in that one area. But peace of mind is really having systems for everything important. Once systems are in place in one’s life, this peace of mind allows authenticity to be revealed.


Authenticity starts with the individual. Be that authentic person and it may completely change your life.


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