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A digital hero is defined by Be a Digital Hero as:  "It's a powerful person - you - in charge of vast amounts of information and the technology to manage and share it." 

Pivot, Adapt, Grow

by Carol Ingley
president, Be a Digital Hero
Week of April 28, 2020 through Week of May 25, 2020

Key digital hero terms: pivot, adapt, grow, flexible, online learning, video teleconferencing, streaming video, streaming games, streaming music


Pivot, adapt, grow. The need to be flexible and adaptable in the digital age has never been more highly underscored given all of the changes that have taken place during the pandemic.


Widespread online learning, video teleconferencing, working remotely – these are just three areas that completely changed almost overnight as the pandemic progressed. This change was likely the biggest pivot and adaptation the globe has experienced.


Post-pandemic future. But the dramatic changes in how we work and play fueled by digital tools and digital skills alter the landscape not just now -- in a pandemic -- but in the post-pandemic future. Those that have leveraged them well have been able to continue business during a time, where, without those tools and skills, many more would likely have lost their jobs. As far as "play," streaming video, music and games has been a winning pastime during and pandemic and may well continue to grow.


Accelerator. The pandemic, then, worked as an accelerator to shifting the acceptance that more digital skills are needed to the reality of actually learning and using these new digital skills. This shift could only have happened with a sector of the population that was willing to pivot, adapt and grow. Rarely, if ever, has the world been given the opportunity to watch populations grow and change in their skill set and online habits in such a short period of time.


Unprecedented and unpredictable future. According to Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s Sarah Rettker, “We are moving into an unprecedented and unpredictable future where you must challenge yourself to continue to gain new skills... embrace positive discomfort in order to evolve and to advance your career.” As the world moves forward into this unpredictable digital future, two operative words stand out: challenge yourself.


How to challenge yourself. “The future of work is a lifestyle of personal preferences, personal development, and personal responsibility,” says Thomas Oppong in the article The Future of Work is Creative, Flexible and Human.


Challenging yourself means, then, first and foremost, getting to know yourself. We don’t always know our personal preferences. To find out personal preferences, see life as a smorgasborg of choices. Sample as many choices as possible to figure out what you like best. An example from the digital world is social media. There are so many different kinds and there isn’t one size that fits all. That means experimenting to find the right fit.


Personal development is the personification of personal responsibility. You are responsible for developing additional skills and digital skills play a big role.


A lot of this personal development doesn’t happen on a job. It requires a commitment on the outside of work hours. That makes time precious. Reading makes a huge difference if you really don’t know where to start. Listen to what your peers are talking about in terms of digital skills. If you keep hearing a type of skill mentioned, it may be time to learn that skill.


No going back. The pandemic fast tracked the world forward into digital tools with accompanying digital skills. It will not go back.

We all saw how quickly changes can be made in the digital era. Now it the time to move forward on our own to increase that digital knowledge to keep pace with a new post-pandemic world. In other words, pivot, adapt and grow.


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